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Jilter as exhibitor

Cultiva Vienna

17th until 19th October, we were in Vienna at the Cultiva fair and tradeshow.
Visit us at booth nr. 101, hope to see you there
Link to Exhibition: www.cultiva.at

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till the end of March we offer 10% Discount on all OCB Papers! Link: OCB Papers


What's a Jilter?

Jilter - use it or quit

Jilter® – roll your own cigaret-filter – were developed to reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful cancer causing agents.
Jilter maintain cleaner and brighter teeth and prevent tobacco particles from entering your mouth.
Using Jilter – means increasing your pleasure.
Because of the reduced intake of nicotine and tar,
there is a suffiient increase of enjoyment, a cleaner, smoother and flavour enhancing smoke.
All this is confirmed by the many feedbacks of our valued customers. We herewith thank you for your loyalty.

It is a main target to develop new Jilter® products and we are always focussing on the people's need.

Jilter – dedicated to quality and convenience.

Jilter – your health, your pleasure – our goal.